Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living in the moment

I live in the desert. In Arizona, to be specific. When I moved to Arizona, people asked me if I missed the seasons. But I don't, I tell them! We have seasons here, they are just not on the same schedule as the rest of the world. For instance, today it is autumn, and in Arizona that means the temperature has cooled a bit and we are surrounded by colorful fall foliage.


Yes! It is autumn, which in Arizona, means the temperature has cooled down to only 97 degrees (yes, really!) and we are surrounded by a surprising, glorious riot of color in the form of blooming cactus. There are about 100 types of cacti that bloom at this time of year. It's our version of fall foliage.

So I am choosing to live in this moment of "Arizona autumn." I notice that today I am surrounded by bright splashes of color, and above me is a sky that is such an amazing shade of blue I can't even describe it!

All of this reminds me that God is the consummate artist. So enjoy your moment. Breathe deep. Look around. What is God showing you in this moment?