Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is there a map for a spiritual journey?

Your Spiritual Journey is uniquely your own. You may have figured out by now that there is no One-Size-Fits-All, road map for your journey to a relationship with God. I kind of wish there was. It would be so much easier to just open up Spiritual Enlightenment for Dummies, and follow the instructions!

Spiritual formation (another term for Spiritual Journey) never occurs in a straight line. We can't just do a few specific things in a certain order and become a mystic! Sometimes the spiritual journey feels like an uphill hike, sometimes like a leisurely stroll, and sometimes it feels like you're backtracking (or even falling off a cliff!) There are stops along the way where you have to catch your breath, and other places where you have to run to keep up!

That is why
a labyrinth is a terrific metaphor for your spiritual journey. The path in a labyrinth twists and turns; sometimes getting close to the center and then abruptly turning away. Along the path you may encounter other people and walk beside them for a time, and other times you may walk alone.

The goal of walking a labyrinth is to reach the center - a metaphor for communion with God - but then walk back out, by the same path you came in.

That may seem counter-intuitive, yet it perfectly describes the spiritual journey! People do not live in a constant state of enlightenment. We may become spiritually aware, or have an encounter with the Divine, but we still have to return to our lives in the world. The difference is that we can take our spiritual awareness with us. The journey never ends.

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