Sunday, September 22, 2013


I read this book - The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz - recently. And several years ago. And two years before that. And the year it first came out. I keep returning to it because it is brilliant, easy to read, and It. Makes. Perfect. Sense.

THIS is how I keep intending to live. To be impeccable with my word. To never take anything personally. To avoid making assumptions. And to always do my best. And yet...

Four simple agreements. Four completely easy-to-remember statements of truth. So why do I forget?

Beyond the fleeting "I hope I'm not getting early-onset dementia," I really do wonder why this is so hard to remember!

Maybe it's just me, but we humans have a tendency to forget really important things. We don't learn our lessons as quickly or as thoroughly we should. We have to keep repeating the lessons until God hits us over the head with a brick.

The book of Exodus is a prime example. The wandering Israelites were all excited to be leaving Egypt on page 5, and there was much rejoicing! Then on page 6 they were complaining about having to leave Egypt because that's where the tasty food and awesome night life was.

On page 7 they ALL promised to worship only Yahweh, and on page 8 they were bowing down to a gold statue of a cow. A cow! Like the cow brought them out of Egypt.

Seriously. Forgetful doesn't even begin to describe their actions. I totally get it.

SO, beginning (again) today, I will live by the Four Agreements.

Now what was I saying.....?

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