Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Great idea, God!

I spent this past week diligently planning a retreat, called Art and Spirit. I scoured the internet for cool art project ideas, I scoured the bible for good scripture ideas, and I joyfully wrote up a schedule of how this art-full and spirit-filled weekend would unfold. I had 3 art projects lined up, and lectio divina readings....I had this whole thing under control.

And then God woke me up.

So, before I got out of bed, we had the following conversation:

God:  Nice start on the retreat plan.

Me:  Start? Well, I mean...I've got...stuff...ummm.

God:  Re-frame.

Me:  Re-frame? What are you talking about? Re-frame what? ...OH! The art... A frame! Duh. And the prayers? Of course. Re-frame everything. What a great idea, God!

God:  Of course it's a great idea. I thought of it.

I love it when this happens. Of course, not that I have to start over, but at least now I have a solid idea of where it's supposed to go.

Yep, that's a great idea!


  1. Can't wait to hear what God gave you in the reframing process! Did it include Holy Yoga?

  2. Hi Susan, No this time it didn't.
    I do plan to incorporate Holy Yoga into some of my retreats, or offer it as an option, now that we have nice comfy bamboo floors!
    Thanks for reading!